Our founders

Melissa (MJ)


Melissa (MJ) is our President and is the one who came up with the crazy idea to start her own rescue. Her passion for all creatures is the driving force behind HAART. MJ works tirelessly, seldom taking a break.She is usually the person you speak to on the phone and has an in-depth knowledge of the rescue business.

We are proud to have MJ as our leader and her dedication to the cause is something that should be publicly recognised.

You can contact MJ: mj@haart.org.au

Richard (Clown)


Richard is our vice-president and the husband of MJ. Along with being the class clown, he also supports MJ in everything she does.

He’s always available to lend a hand, providing advice to the team.Richard lives with MJ, their 4 kids and 10,000 animals (slightly exaggerated).

Richard can be contacted: richard@haart.org.au or Follow Him on Twitter

Nicole (Batman)


Nicole (A.K.A Batman) is not only one of the founding members, but is also our Treasurer.

Nicole has a wealth of knowledge in accounting and until recently, ran her own practice.Nicole makes sure that our bills are paid, our adoption fees are followed up and keeps out books in order to Independent Audit level.

Nicole lives with her husband Richo and their two dogs Bella and Rusty.

Nicole can be contacted: nicole@haart.org.au



Dave is our Fundraising, Media and Technology Co-Ordinator.

In other words, he’s a propellor head, loves the limelight and makes up any excuse to have a party!

Dave is the mastermind behind our website, database and other technology aspects and has streamlined many of our processes using technology.

Dave lives with his two dogs, Santos and Nasa and two pet rats, Patty and Selma.

Dave can be contacted: dave@haart.org.au or Follow Him on Twitter



Romy is our resident Vet Nurse and our go-to person for all things Veterinary Medicine. Along with working for a major animal trauma centre, Romy also helps look after our Foster Carers.She has a passion for Greyhounds and loves animals of all shapes and sizes.

Romy lives with her partner Dave, and their menagerie of animals.

Romy can be contacted: romy@haart.org.au



Michaela, along with being a founder, is also our resident groomer.  For any rescue that requires a bit of pampering, Michaela springs into action with her clippers and scents!

Michaela lives with her three kids and a plethora of her own animals and numerous fosters.

Michaela can be contacted: michaela@haart.org.au



Kylie is a founding member and our resident dog finder extraordinaire.  If there’s a dog in need of rescuing, a mother that has a litter of puppies and needs to be sterilised, Kylie will find them.

Kylie has taken a bit of a back seat in the running of HAART due to other commitments, but still remains an integral part of the organisation.

Kylie lives with her 3 kids and again, a multitude of rescue animals.