HAPPY Endings

We’re always delighted when our dogs and cats find new homes and love to hear how they are getting on. If you have a Happy Ending story please submit it online via the Happy Endings section. Here we share some of the uplifting updates received so far.

We hope that reading about the joy rehomed animals can bring will inspire more people to welcome a HAART animal into their life and generate yet more happy endings.

Sadie (formerly Tinker)

Sadie (formerly Tinker)

We adopted Sadie (formerly Tinker) from HAART when she was only 10 weeks old.
She was part of an accidental litter on a farm between a neighbouring jack Russell and a kelpie and was the only puppy not to find a home before coming into HAART’s care.
She has truly become a part of our family and when we leave the house we take her with us whenever we can.
She loves playing with all her canine friends regularly at our local dog park and heading to the dog beach. She amuses us with her adorable sheep dog stalk and her love of squeaky toys (lobster and Lambchop are her favourites).
Big thanks to HAART and to Sadie’s foster carers Kylie & Jess for bringing Sadie into our lives.

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