HAVE A haart

If you are looking to breed, we beg you not to. We can give you all the statistics in the world but they will never show you the reality like a visit to a pound or shelter.

We have whole litters of puppies surrendered because people can’t find them homes. Sometimes they do get homes but people don’t always consider the realities of the cute puppy they are taking on.  Especially highly intelligent active breeds like Kelpies & Border Collies.

It would probably shock you how many of your cute pups who found perfect homes end up surrendered between 6-18 months when reality sets in.  If the owner of that one puppy doesn’t desex, they will then breed more. If you bred the first puppy, You could well be responsible for thousands by the time every pup in your original litter breeds again (and again and again).

Our shelters are overloaded and there are so many homeless animals, that to intentionally breed more is almost criminal in my opinion. Before you breed, check the shelters & pounds. You will see Kelpies/Kelpie mixes & Staffy/Staffy mixes predominantly. In under 10 years your litter can lead to around 70,000 dogs. That is around one third of approximately 250,000 animals euthanased annually in Australia because for some reason or other, they have ended up in “the system”.

Don’t believe the old wives tales that your pet needs one litter before sterilising. It’s not true. Your pet won’t get fat & lazy either. Only lack of exercise & too much food can do that. Your pet has a lowered risk of many types of cancers if desexed & also a lowered risk of many other illnesses some of which are devastating. Their behaviour is far more tractable without hormones driving them too.

If you would like more information on why you should desex your pet & not breed, please ask us. We are also happy to get your pet Desexed for a very reasonable price.  If after researching you still decide to breed, please carry out health tests through your vet to ensure you don’t pass on unseen genetic defects to any pups.  Please microchip the pups so you can follow them up for life and take them back if they become one of the many pound statistics. Please let the new owners know we can get their puppy Desexed for them.

But PLEASE do a lot of research before breeding more puppies. It is absolutely devastating to see what we see every day. 

They DO die because they have no homes, are not raised, socialised & exercised properly and end up a statistic.

We can’t tell you not to breed but we can beg you to reconsider and look into the realities of what you will be contributing to.  The situation for cats is even more devastating.  With the new cat laws, desexing & microchipping will be mandatory.  If you need help just email us.