Feel the rush of the wind in your jowels!

Ever wanted to do a skydive, but never really got around to it?

We’re in the process of teaming up with Skydive the Beach and Beyond to bring you “Skydive for HAART”.

We are still working on the finer points of the initiative, but there will be a minimum of an $800 sponsorship that you will need to collect to do your tandem jump.  This covers the cost of the jump, administration and raises a minimum amount for HAART, which is the whole point (and to have fun).

Obviously, the more you raise, the more you can help HAART with the work that it does.

If you would like more information, or you would be interested in doing a tandem skydive from 14,000ft, please fill out the registration form.  There is no obligation to jump after registration.  Once we have finalised the deal, we will be in touch with you to explain the finer details.

Please note:  The minimum age for skydiving in Australia is 12 years old.  If you are under 18 and would like to take part, your parent or guardian must give permission and be present on the day of the jump.  ID will be required for all jumpers.   A maximum weight limit of 110kg applies to all tandem jumps.  Other conditions will apply to those who actually jump.

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