Dogs For Adoption Fostering a Cat Save’s Lives

Welcome to HAART

The Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team Inc. (HAART) are a not-for-profit, 100% no-kill animal rescue charity based in Perth, Western Australia.

Each year, HAART rescues and re-homes 100’s of animals that would otherwise be euthanised, go homeless or continue to be neglected.

HAART relies solely on the generosity of the general public and our supporters for ALL funding and receive no government or local authority funding.

Since HAART was founded in January 2012 approx. 2300 animals lives have been saved.  HAART will continue in it’s plight until the day all animals have a loving home, the decision to spey and neuter your pet is automatic and work tirelessly until rescue organisations are no longer needed.

This day will come.